Here at RGI events, we believe what REALLY sets a great event apart from a good event are the details

- small steps which enhance a guest's experience - makes them feel welcome and leaves them with a lasting memory of the gathering .

In this series of blog posts 'ALL IN THE DETAILS'. We will be exploring some of RGI's FAVE tiny touches, which we have brought to life for our clients.

First up, are these place cards with a twist ;) we were able to pull off with the help of the fantastic Laura Hooper and her team at Laura Hooper Calligraphy.

Details were the name of the game at a very special outdoor event produced by RGI this past summer in New England. Custom watercolored 'How to Eat a Lobster' cards, foil edged menues, branded wine glasses, lovely linen hemstitched napkins custom embroidered for the occasion, custom lobster mallets and bibs, locally sourced 4-course wine pairing ALL set atop beautiful white-washed farm tables accented with hand-picked summer hydrangeas foraged from the surrounding countryside -

No touch was too small to be overlooked at this intimate traditional New England-style Lobster Boil bringing together a stylish group with high-end tastes. We wanted to elevate this beautiful event, held under the setting sun on a private farm estate in New Hampshire to a super elegant, yet, comfortable evening for attendees.

BUT one of our FAVORITE details we placed on the table that evening was the unusual, yet highly appropriate place cards - utilizing an aspect of the entree course to direct guests to their seats.

The idea: Take a traditional accompaniment to the meal, the lemon, accenting just off the dock seafood in this case - and make it really shine. We enlisted Laura Hooper to lend her fantastic talents to bring it to life.

It required some event engineering - testing different paints and markers on lemons, which were then frozen to ensure the lemons would stay preserved for transport from DC to New England, last a week in a refrigerator and the ink wouldn't be compromised in any way. The atelier freezer was filled with citrus to make sure we could pull it off - and we did!

The final product received almost as many raves as the fresh New England seafood. 

Take a look below for some shots of this stunning soiree and our lemon production!