We hear it all the time from potential clients – wait, what’s the difference between an event manager, event designer and event producer? More importantly, which one should I hire for my event? If you’ve never thought about this before and are now curious yourself, read on to get our inside scoop!


An event manager is typically someone you can rely on for the day of the event or with a limited lead up. They provide the backbone for organization of different partner teams and manage event execution logistics, i.e. load in and set up, catering, band, A/V, gift bags, and general execution.

Good for: mainly brides who do not want to be bothered with the nitty gritty logistics on their wedding day as well as clients who are the host of the event and do not have the time to manage the behind-the-scenes while also being the face of the event. 

Event_ Manager, Planner or Designer?-3.png


An event designer’s primary role is to inform the creative direction of the event. Typical duties include: creating the color palette, providing feedback on collateral and print material such as the invitations, floral and tabletop décor, custom furniture and accent pieces, lighting, and any other element that is necessary to make your event as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

Good for:Those who need help creatively – whether that be in inspiration or execution. If design is not your strong suit, someone with an aesthetic vision and experience will help you bring your vision to life. If you have a goal-oriented special event, this is not the best partner for you. 



An event producer plays a much more holistic role and wears many of these hats for small and large events. An event producer will typically be very skilled in a multitude of event specialties such as planning, production, design, management and execution. Producers serve as the captain of the ship, steering successfully, navigating the rough waters of special events from beginning to end with an extremely robust suite of responsibilities for bringing a concept to life. Many producers are also event designers – but many event designers are not event producers. 

Good for: Large-scale special events; special event with short lead times; special events with clearly defined goals: fundraising, marketing, event strategy, brand activation; strategic special events with a dedicated program featuring speeches, award, or video shown during event 


RGI is the latter – an event producer. Full-service or a la carte, conception to completion, load in until the last guest leaves — our comprehensive management capabilities ensure your event is a success. We engage and inspire attendees – fostering connection + achieving our client’s goals through seamless organization, outstanding design, innovative ideas and comprehensive follow-through. Creative, savvy, versatile, dependable and award-winning – we pass onto our clients the benefit of our extensive experience and commitment to cutting-edge methods. Paired with the boutique style client management and communication to deliver a logistically sound, chic and flawless event from beginning to end. This is what sets RGI apart from the rest.