At RGI we challenge ourselves to put a unique stamp on each client’s project and let their messaging shine through - from the larger more obvious aspects of design, like the build-outs, lighting, florals, and linens; to the tiniest detail – it’s essential to us, and a pillar of our design strategy, to make sure the client’s messaging saturates in subtle ways and their identity takes center stage.

With this particular event, we strove to take identifying pieces of the company’s brand and integrate that into event concepts in surprising and unexpected new ways to coincide with the events overall theme. Far from just putting the company logo on a napkin - our team wanted to take the client’s love of bourbon and play on the venue that the event was being held.

Our inspiration? 

Though Ivy City is home to several distilleries, Republic Restoratives certainly brings many new elements. Owned and operated by two women, the distillery was once the largest crowd-funded distillery in the world, raising the capital to open largely from its online network. Now open, the resourceful owners have a rugged space that is perfect for DC locals – simple, yet industrial in design. This fit our client perfectly, as a women-owned government contracting firm celebrating its 20th anniversary. 

With over 200 ppl in attendance the evening went off without a hitch, celebrating clients and employees alike. Beginning with brief program, guests were treated to cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and entertainment that didn’t end until well past midnight. 

While items like ice cubes may seem minute, they are the details your guests will remember (and are a great subject for a social media photo). 


Photo: A Crimson Kiss